Gallery: 1/144 Destiny Gundam (Full Color Plating Ver.) 「Gundam SEED Destiny」

Gallery of the "1/144 Destiny Gundam (Full Color Plating Ver.)" 「1/144 デスティニーガンダム (フルカラーメッキVer.)」 built by Senohati and T-Hoso. This kit was sold at the "Kodansha Super Character Festival 2005 (K Fes 2005)" 講談社キャラクタースーパーフェスティバル2005(Kフェス2005)convention in Chiba City, from July 16th — 17th, 2005. 

Type: Event Exclusive
Event: Kodansha Super Character Festival 2005 
Release date: July 16th, 2005
Price: ¥1,200

Sources: Senohati, T-Hoso, Kotoho2, Yashisabe

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