Gallery: HG 1/144 Destiny Gundam (Heine Westenfluss Custom) 「Gundam SEED Destiny」

Review of the "HG 1/144 Destiny Gundam (Heine Westenfluss Custom)" 「HG 1/144 ハイネ専用デスティニーガンダム」 built by Zenoo. This kit was released in collaboration with Japanese singer and actor T.M.Revolution to honor the 30th anniversary of Gundam in 2010. It came in a pack with a CD, containing the official Gundam 30th anniversary theme song and songs from Gundam SEED, SEED Destiny and SEED MSV, and was released in a special limited edition box.

Type: Collaboration Pack 
Pack: T.M.R. × Gundam SEED Special Project "X42S-Revolution"
Release date: March 24th, 2010
Price: ¥4,500

Sources: Zenoo, Gundam.info, Shibukai Farukon

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