Gundam Front Tokyo Exclusive: HGUC 1/144 Unicorn Gundam Unit 3 Phenex type RC [Destroy Mode] Ver.GFT Limited Silver Coating

A new Gundam Front Tokyo limited item has been announced: the "HGUC 1/144 Unicorn Gundam Unit 3 Phenex type RC (Destroy Mode) Ver.GFT Limited Silver Coating" 「HGUC 1/144 ユニコーンガンダム3号機フェネクスtypeRC(デストロイモード) ver.GFT LIMITED SILVER COATING」. This kit will be sold in combination with a Blu-Ray disc of the WALL-G video "Gundam G no Reconguista From the Past to the Future" 「ガンダム Gのレコンギスタ FROM THE PAST TO THE FUTURE」 at Gundam Front Tokyo in Odaiba, Tokyo. Only limited quantities will be available for purchase (2 sets per person).

Release date: July 11th, 2015
Price: ¥7,560

Source: Gundam.info

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