Gallery: 1/48 MS-06S Zaku II Canon PIXUS Custom 「Mobile Suit Gundam」

Canon PIXUS x Gundam Project: "1/48 MS-06S Zaku II Canon Pixus Custom" 「メガサイズモデル シャア専用ザクII キヤノン PIXUS カスタム」 (limited to 500 kits) by Kakaku Magazine. This Mega Size kit was a special prize awarded via a lottery draw to 500 people who have purchased a Canon PIXUS printer in Japan. It measures in at approximately 365mm in height when fully assembled and bears several Canon Pixus prints and colors.

Number of kits: 500
Price: Not for Sale
Estimated market value: ¥25,750 (based on 3 items, date: 7/25/2015)

※NOTE: The "estimated market value" is based on the average price of sold listings on Japanese auction sites and should be used as a reference only, as they are subject to change at any given time.

Source: Kakaku.com

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